Types of texture

Wide range for protection against insects

Appropriate material is the most important element of Neher insect screening. It’s obvious that specially designed insect screens are required for different purposes.
Therefore Neher offers an extremely wide variety of screens for any purposes and many different tastes. The common features of all insect screens are high quality, maximum stability and durability with a timelessly beautiful look.


The almost invisible insect screen

Neher Transpatec insect screens set new standards compared to conventional screens. More transparency, a much better air permeability and excellent tear and puncture resistance make Transpatec insect screen a truly extraordinary product in Neher’s range of products.

The point is that Transpatec insect screens are almost invisible and thus keep the visual appearance of your windows and doors after installation – from the inside as well as from the outside.


Main characteristics of Neher Transpatec insect screens:

  • Brilliant transparency from the inside and outside thanks to a super fine patented high-tech thread (Ø 0.13 mm) and innovative weaving technique.
  • Optimum insect screening thanks to smaller mesh openings compared to a standard mesh.
  • Increased transparency of the insect screens thanks to extremely thin threads.
  • Around 140% better air permeability compared to conventional fabric thanks to a reduced mesh area and a unique fabric structure with a minimum of air turbulences.
  • High weather resistance, stability and durability thanks to high-tech threads and a patented weaving technique with binder yarn.
  • Transpatec is suitable for all insect screens such as stentering frames for windows, roller screens, swing doors, hinged frames for doors and windows as well as sliding systems.

Practical and innovative Transpatec meets the highest standards of modern living environment. This is why it has received several recognised awards.

Polltec pollen protection

Leave pollen outside!

If you have enough of year-to-year pollen problem, Neher offers just what you need: Polltec pollen screen for allergy sufferers.

Polltec insect screen made to the nearest millimetre keeps pollen almost entirely away from your bedroom. Pollen stays outside and you can finally take a deep breath again.

Main characteristics of Neher Polltec pollen screens:

  • Reliable protection against more than 99 percent of grass and birch pollen as well as over 90 percent of fine pollen species (e.g. ragweed and nettle).
  • Almost three times higher air permeability compared to conventional pollen screens.
  • Adjustment to the requirements of consumers guarantees maximum suitability; accurate installation in Neher insect screen that has been tested countless times.
  • ECARF Quality Seal has been given for successfully tested protection ability.
  • Protection against both pollen and insects.

Fibreglass fabric by Neher

A perfect basis for the perfect insect screening

The fibreglass fabric from Neher has been tried and tested millions of times over the years and it is used in all insect screens, frame systems, and roller screens for windows and doors.

Main characteristics of Neher fibreglass fabric:

  • Highly effective protection against insects thanks to mesh size of 1.41 x 1.58 mm with good air circulation at the same time
  • Highly tear-resistant and weather-resistant fabric made of plastic-coated fibreglass
  • Virtually no fraying due to thermofixed infrared welding of the crossing points
  • Good visibility thanks to neutral colouring of the fabric in grey or anthracite

E-smog protective fabric

Protection against electrosmog and insects

Protection against electromagnetic radiation (electrosmog) is becoming an important issue for more and more people when designing their living spaces.

Neher electrosmog screens act like an invisible shield against high-frequency electromagnetic fields and offer effective insect protection as fly screens at the same time.

Main characteristics of Neher E-smog protective fabrics:

  • 99.9% of the electromagnetic fields (D-net) are deflected by the fine, plastic-coated copper thread wrapped around the fibreglass core.
  • Protection effect of 99.7% in the E-network/UMTS.
  • Insect screen with high light and air permeability due to fine fabric yarn.
  • High tensile strength and weather resistance due to high fibreglass content in the fabric
  • E-smog protection even when the window is open


For comprehensive protection against electrosmog in your house, you should always have a trained measurement technician work out a complete solution for you. You can find information about suitable technicians/building biologists here:

In our faculty we let independent institutions and recognised scientists thoroughly test the data available for a long time. Expert opinions are given Prof. Dipl. Ing. P. Pauli, HF-, Mikrowellen- und Radartechnik, Universität der Bundeswehr München (University of the Federal Armed forces, Munich).

Special solutions

NEHER – everything for a solution

  • special shapes
  • special colour
  • cat and dog flaps

Cats are satisfied
The cats can easily get out of the house through a special flap of the mesh system without reducing the effect of the insect screen.

Special shapes
Not all windows and doors have the standard rectangular shape. It is not a problem for NEHER insect screens. NEHER system can be adapted to triangles, pentagons, trapezoids, round or semicircular arches and closed circles.

Special powder colours
The choice of colours of NEHER insect screens is based on full series of RAL card. Non-specific colour can also be used for powder coating.

Stainless steel mesh:

Reliable protection against leaves and tiny creatures; can resist heavy pressure and is easy to clean

Cat mesh:

Highly scratch resistant due to 7-fold fabric reinforcement.

Fine mesh fabric:

Leaves the smallest blackflies outside

Aluminium mesh:

A durable and unobtrusive alternative for special purpose

Sun protection fibreglass mesh:

Suitable for use in roof window roller screens.