Neher's range of insect screens

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Erik Schapel

Transpatec. The almost invisible insect screen.

Roller screens for doorways

  • Used in tight areas.
  • The brush channels in the main tracks prevent the fabric from unthreading in the wind.
  • The holes in the bottom track enable to discharge water and dirt.
  • In doorways mainly laterally sliding roller screens are used.

Folded or pleated screens for doorways

  • Similarly to roller screens, folded screens are mainly laterally sliding.
  • An advantage compared to roller screens is a very low bottom track.
  • Suitable for doorways where transparency is not that important.

Insect screens for doors

Hinged frames for doors

  • Can be installed both inside and outside depending on how the door opens.
  • The screen frame is strong due to specially designed profiles and corner supports and metal two-stage hinges.
  • Brush sealing on the bottom edge of the frame prevents the creepy-crawlies from entering.
  • Ergonomic handles.
  • Optionally available with a door latch and cat or dog flap.
  • Can be equipped with scratch-proof polyester fabric.

Swing doors

  • This is an alternative solution for a hinged door. Its opening angle is up to 120 degrees
    (opening in both directions) and closing automatic. Easy to use when you have no hands free.
  • Easy to install. At the same time stable and durable due to innovative technology.
  • The swing door closes safely in both directions due to springs and magnets hidden in the profile.
  • Optional locking from inside, outside or on both sides.
  • Optionally available with cat and dog flaps with aluminium frame and scratch-proof fabric.

Sliding door frame

  • A durable, simple, weatherproof solution for large terraces and conservatories.
  • From single to six-leaf systems and sizes of up to 9×3 metres.
  • Low installation depth.
  • Optional long handle bar – suitable for children.
  • Optional foot recess for convenient use without a free hand.
  • Smooth opening and closing due to low-noise rollers with stainless steel ball bearings.
  • Simple mounting and dismounting.
  • Folded or pleated screens for doorways.
  • If the door is not used, the folded fabric stays inside the box.