Neher's range of insect screens

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Erik Schapel

Transpatec. The almost invisible insect screen.

Insect screens for windows

Framed screens

  • Suitable for wooden, plastic and aluminium windows.
  • Easy to install. Usually no need for drilling. The frames are attached to the windows by stainless steel fasteners.
  • Due to suspension system the framed screens are firmly held in place.
  • The seals between the frame and window prevent the insects from entering.

Hinged frames

  • You can choose to install the frame to be opened either inwards or outwards.
  • Possible to install on the inner or outer side of the window frame.
  • Adjustable metal two-stage hinges and special corner supports ensure the durability of the frame and its exact suitability for the window.
  • Easy operation due to ergonomic handles.
  • A hidden magnetic tape between the seal.

Roller screens

  • Both horizontally and vertically opening roller screens can be used.
  • Lateral brush channels prevent the fabric from unthreading in the wind and the insects from entering through window edges.
  • The cassette surrounding the roller hides the rolled-up screen and requires no extra storage in wintertime.
  • Due to adjustable spring force the roller screen can be left in whatever position.
  • A roller screen is the best solution for roof windows.